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Our Vision

Totteridge 2020 Vision

When Rees Jones and Tom Tanto built Totteridge Golf Course, they started with just a dream. Though both had worked on golf courses all over the globe, they believed they had the experience to create something special. The dream was to build a masterpiece golf course that would challenge everyone but be accessible to anyone.

Greensburg provided the picturesque location for the course, and a unique community began to form. The rolling hills that surround the course will seemingly transport anyone to the rural English landscape of Totteridge. Soon, this spot became home for all types of residents, some who don’t golf but love the countryside.
Today, the dream is ready to be told. From this point and through the next several years, we want to share that vision.

Totteridge’s 2020 Vision is to expand our community that loves living at Totteridge, to raise your game as a premiere golfing destination, and to be a landmark for the Greensburg area.

Our 2020 Vision guides us to achieve our future goals over a set time horizon. Looking ahead, it’s just as critical for us to remember why we are here and what is our purpose.

Totteridge Mission

The mission of Totteridge is to grow and steward our community where friends can live and play.

We are committed to this foundational concept, and will think about our Mission as Totteridge moves towards achieving its dream.

We know Totteridge is something special. With the grandeur of our countryside, we are proud to offer the best panoramic views in Western Pennsylvania. Bolstered by great residents and employees, our new management team will share our enthusiasm for this pristine place.

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